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Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants sell!  Bamboo is great gift for a special occasion with a warm and friendly wish.  Owning Lucky Bamboo brings a lasting reminder of the one who gave it.  Most customers want a bamboo plant for themselves too.   Our Lucky Bamboo is easy to care for.  Lucky Bamboo is a gift anyone can enjoy.   

Factories Connection selects the best and heartiest of bamboo plants.  Our arrangements come in a variety of changing and attractive vase styles with special treatments for seasons and holidays.  We are committed to providing our customers a delightful experience with our Lucky Bamboo promotions.  See order and packing suggestions below.


                Examples of everyday Bamboo configurations:




   Ordering Suggestions:                                                                                                             

           Standard Order:

Display Method:  Endstand Display   
                    Order Quantity : 36 pcs of Small, 18 pcs of Large, and 6 pcs of Extra Large


New Vase Styles!





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